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A character-select screen was shown with all the Death Battle Hosts was shown as a cursor was shown on Genocider Syo, she smiled and clicked her Genoscissors. In fact...she even licked her tounge.


Genocider Syo was skipping and smiling as she entered her room, which was apparently full of boys from Free! apparently touching each other...and also some pictures of some...very cute boys. Also, a laptop. I wonder why.  

“Oh hey! The interviewer's here! ...Oh you look really cute,” she smiled at him as she snapped her scissors threateningly, “...Just kidding!”

Syo took out our Genoscissors and snapped her scissors, running right toward Edge and Young, “If there's something that makes me really tingly when I see the both of you!”

Edge and Young both looked at each other and screamed.

“Hey there! I'm your surprisingly family-friendly serial killer Genocider Syo!” She smiled.

Don't worry! I'm just showing my love for both of you!” Syo exclaimed as she chased Young and Edge down the hallways.

She passed by Deadpool, Discord and Mikasa who were apparently reading a newspaper. Deadpool and Discord both looked at Mikasa who simply rolled her eyes as she took out her twin swords out and ran toward Syo.

“Mr. Agimat invited me to do these battles and I full-heartedly agreed!” She grinned, “In fact, I might even get Byakuya-sama to notice me if I do these battles!”

Syo turned around and dodged Mikasa's swords.

“Y'know, these people are really terrified by killing others. I mean, I didn't kill anybody during the Mutual Life of School Killing, but that's only because if I do kill someone, it's blatantly obvious I did! Here, I can kill without any regrets!” She started to laugh.

Syo threw her Genoscissors at Mikasa, who blocked them.

“A problem that occurs however is my other personality,” she said thoughtfully, “I mean, she's really weak and shy. Seriously, no boy wants to do someone like that!” She tilted her head, “Still, Mr. Agimat accepted both of us as we are. Probably because he's just like Byakuya-sama in that regard... Except for being really hot!”

Syo deftly dodged Mikasa's slices. She was a SHSL Serial Killer after all, serial killers don't get caught by the police. She just needed to survive...or at least wait until Mr. Agimat comes.

“You don't get to become a SHSL Serial Killer with being caught y'know? Hey! Wanna hear my secret how I don't caught?” Syo tickled her nose and sneezed, deftly becoming Fukawa.

“Eh? What happened here? Why I am in this d-d-disgusting room!? W-W-Who are you? W-W-Why are you filming me?” She glared at the interviewer.

“Y-Y-You're probably planning on taking photos of me when I'm c-c-changing clothes, huh you sicko!?” Fukawa exclaimed.

Syo suddenly sneezed, becoming Fukawa. She saw Mikasa and her swords.

N-N-Not this again!” She exclaimed, running away.

“Y-Y-You're sick, you know that? M-M-Making me do an interview without e-e-even asking me first! P-P-Perverts! I'm going now!”

Mr. Agimat entered the scene and looked around.

...Yeah, this isn't weird at all,” he noted as he grabbed Fukawa, “Let's go Ms. Fukawa.”


Genocider Syo sighed in ecstasy. She was finished, her favorite thing to do in all the world was done for one more time. She spun her Genoscissors as she left the crucified corpses of Edge and Young.

My main co-host is finished! Now I can move on! Woo!
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Conormcal Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Mauser: Scissors? You mean those snippy things that those Russian guys that call me up all the time about a debt cut my arteries apart with? Know what? DON'T THINK I LIKE THIS ONE.
YoungSamurai18 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Young: Why don't you find Saiyan attractive?
Agimat-Warrior713 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Mr. Agimat: ...You think that's a good thing Young?
YoungSamurai18 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Young: Hell no!
Agimat-Warrior713 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Mr. Agimat: Exactly.
YoungSamurai18 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Young: *looks terrified* 
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